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Equipment Policy

It is the goal of the Texas Alliance of Christian Athletes to greatly reduce or remove the financial barrier of equipment costs for athletes who desire to play football. TACA will provide, through a Zero Cost Equipment Lease, nearly all of the athlete’s equipment to play and enjoy football.

The family shall sign / authorize the Zero Equipment Lease form and turn it in with a deposit check made payable to the Texas Alliance of Christian Athletes in the amount of $300.00. This check will not be cashed, but will be held and returned to family when all equipment has been returned to TACA (within 30 days of the last scheduled TACA Football event.) If the family fails to return the equipment then the deposit check will be processed to pay for replacement gear.

TACA does not supply athletes the following necessary gear; Mouthpieces, Athletic Supports/Cups, or Cleats. There is also a wide range of additional pads and clothing that the families may want to provide to the athletes at their option. The family may provide any additional equipment at their own expense.

** For full details, see TACA Zero Cost Equipment Policy and Lease Agreement in 14U Football menu.



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