Numbers Only - No Dashes, Spaces or Parenthesis!

Numbers Only - No Dashes, Spaces or Parenthesis

Numbers Only - No Dashes, Spaces or Parenthesis

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Release of Claims

I, the undersigned, am aware of the inherent dangers associated with participating in the sport of basketball and related activities (such as travel, etc). I understand and agree that neither TACA Basketball, a division of Texas Alliance of Christian Athletes (TACA) nor any of its coaches, officers, directors, or other participants may be held liable in any way for occurrence in connection with my child’s participation in any activity which may result in injury, harm or other damages to him/her, or my family. As part of consideration for being allowed to enroll my child and have him/her participate in TACA team activities, I hereby personally assume all risks connected with my child’s participation. This waiver, assumption of risk and release is intended to include all trips, travel, lodging, meals and activities related to any game, tournament, camp, or associated activities of TACA. I have also completed a Permission to Consent to Medical Treatment for my child with my instructions for his/her emergency medical care, or treatment in the event is necessary during participation in team activities.

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John Smith

Players 8-12 years old must have a Parent present during all sessions.