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It will be our pleasure to host our 2014 Football/Cheer Banquet
When? Sunday November 9th 5:30-8:30PM
Where? Dallas Marriott Suites Medical Market Center
Seated Meal for All TACA Players and their guests.
Casual attire.
Come celebrate a fantastic season of Faith, Family, and Football.
If you have a "Signature Dessert" dish that you're happy to make for 10, please bring it with you.


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PRAISE GOD for such an incredible experience in Austin! We didn't come out on top, but we played some fantastic football!
Thank you Jesus for getting these families back and forth to Austin without any serious incidents. We praise you for your mercy & grace and are thankful for all of your providence. We're blessed to exist at a time in human history where leisure time is even an option. To be able to travel to play the awesome game of Football is an incredible blessing. We thank you for our Coaches and all of our Parents that make it happen on the ground.

TODAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY are our last days to fundraise before the raffle. If every player gets to his fifty tickets sold instead of forty, it results in more than $4,000 to our ministry. If we all stopped at thirty, we would be $8,000 short.  JUST THAT SMALL amount of effort needed to get to fifty each will pay for both teams uniforms next year and or our field rental for the season!  PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER YOURSELVES FINISHED UNTIL YOU HAVE SOLD YOUR FIFTY. WE ALL AGREED TO "FULLY PARTICIPATE IN FUNDRAISING EFFORTS". THAT'S FIFTEEN HOURS. YOU'LL FIND MOST PLAYERS THAT HAVE SOLD THEIR FIFTY DID IT IN FAR LESS. THE KEY IS ASKING EACH BUYER TO BUY SIX FOR FIFTY, OR THREE FOR TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. IT'S A LOT EASIER TO FIND SIXTEEN-SEVENTEEN PEOPLE TO BUY THREE EACH THEN IT IS TO FIND FIFTY PEOPLE TO BUY ONE! IT CAN'T GET DONE IN NINETY MINUTE INTERVALS. THREE, FIVE HOURS SHIFTS IS ALL WE ASK TO OFFSET $800 IN EXPENSES PER PLAYER.

Remember, here's our math. $900 in investment per player. $100 from parents, $400 raised on each player's behalf by TACA in the off-season, 50 tickets for $400 sold by each player. Parents and TACA have finished up their end, we need every player to finish their end.

For players already past the 50 ticket mark, we have incentives to get to eighty. Help pick up the slack for another player and earn yourself an incentive along the way! WE HAVE CHEERLEADERS AT FIFTY TICKETS, IT'S NOT DIFFICULT.

Saturday at 2:00PM and Sunday at 2:00PM I will be bringing anyone willing, who is not at fifty out to sell. I will pair you up with someone experienced, bring you to a good neighborhood to sell in, and get you back to TACA HQ by 8:00PM. PLEASE COME TO TACA HQ ON TIME AND PREPARED! EAT BEFORE YOU COME. BRING A BOOKBAG, WATER BOTTLE, SNACK, TICKETS, SHARPIE, AND A CELL PHONE. ANYONE INTERESTED IS WELCOME TO STAY WITH US OVERNIGHT. IT'S OUR LAST WEEKEND!


What a pleasure it's been watching these older boys develop into incredible young men.

God Bless,

Coach Rooney


"Dri-Fit" Type Spirit Wear

Many players have asked if we could get "Dri-Fit" type spirit wear.  We can! 

If you are interested in ordering a "Dri-Fit" type t-shirt, print out the form and bring it filled out to practice with your money.
The order form shows a picture of what the t-shirt looks like. 

We need a minimum number of 12 to place an order. 

Go Storm!

"Dri-Fit" Type Spirit Wear Order Form

Wednesday Worship every week @ 7:30:

    Please consider joining  Mauricio Lostra while he helps our young men tackle some of the more difficult subjects that they will face in today's world. Practices will end at 7:30 on Wednesday's to join together in prayer and learn what God has to say about some of the areas our young men face. We know Jesus had to leave Galilee to start his ministry. Sometimes our young men need to hear exactly what it is you are trying to instill in them from a new source.
    I love the traditional "Youth Services" at Churches one night a week that many of our kids have gone to since they were young. The difference for these next six weeks is that at the field, nobody has the cover they have at their home churches. It's a chance for our young men to see and experience God's word with their Brothers in Christ when their "Guard is down".
    We're going to tackle a few tough subjects, but that's the whole idea of our Sport's Ministry. We want to play a small role in helping older boys become the young men God wants them to become.
    If you're already part of a youth group, please consider giving this a chance from now until Halloween. We think it'll benefit these young men in a big way.
God Bless,

Coach Rooney

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"Faith Based Football in DFW"

"A team where home-schooled and private schooled young men can learn and play the game of football!"

Are you interested in creating a team under the TACA banner?
Please read "Principles of Fielding a TACA Team".

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KTXD about TACA's
unique Football opportunities"

The Ticket Radio Interview
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on the "Mark Davis Show" - 660AM about TACA's
unique Football opportunities"

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Football CoachCoach's Corner

Five Great Reasons to Play Football @ TACA

1. Christ. We’re Christ- centered. However, just as Christ did, we would welcome anyone. Like Jesus with the Samaritan woman, we would seek to eliminate barriers and want everyone to know they’re special in the eyes of God. All we ask is for those not ready to join us in prayer, to be respectful at our times of worship.

2. Coaches. We are blessed with fantastic, teaching Coaches. These men are parents themselves, and mature family men that go to great lengths to teach from experience our young men about life lessons, and the game of Football. They have played the game at all levels, from the NFL down. A couple of our Coaches have children currently in college athletics. Speak to other TACA parents about what impacts these men have had in their son’s lives. Our Coaches are recognized and connected in the collegiate Football community. If the opportunity presents itself to help move athletes to the next level, they will do whatever they can to help your son move to the next level. Just one of our Coaches along with his two brothers received complete scholarships to Duke, The Naval Academy, and University of Virginia.

3. Course. We believe what James Dobson said from “Focus on the Family”. Our ONLY job as a parent is to work ourselves out of a job. We will treat your son’s as young men, not boys. Our desire is to help you-help them with their focus on worship, their interactions with their family, and their studies. When conflicts arise your son will approach his teammate or Coach face to face and seek a faith driven resolution.

4. Cost. Why would you want to buy a pile of equipment that won’t fit your son this time next year? Why spend $700-800.00 in registration fees? Our approach is simple. Our equipment is leased out free of charge and our registration fee is only $100.00! Our young men participate in a raffle ticket sale to raise about half of what’s needed, and we raise the rest in cooperative programs in the business community. Part of our job as parents is to make certain our young men are financially independent and responsible. For these lessons to take root, they cannot begin when they have finished high-school. Mom and Dad can’t always be the answer to their financial issues.

5. Competition. We’re good at the game of Football! We won’t always be a 9-0 team, but we’ll win games by being better conditioned, better coached, and better at understanding the game from every position possible. Whether we win or lose a Football game, we'll try to do it with humility and sportsmanship.


Cheer Squad
Taca Cheer Squad

This group of hardworking young men paid their own way by selling $7500 worth of raffle tickets. What a fantastic team effort. (Considering their work ethic on the field, it shouldn't surprise anyone)

Team Photo

Come join TACA!
For more info email TACAinfo@yahoo.com



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The "nuts and bolts" of TACA football - MS and JV teams forming for the 2014 season!

• We are a Christ Centered group organized to use athletics as an opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus.
• We are coached by a group of believers such as: former Pro Jason Wallace, Greig Altieri, John Connor, Curtis Tucker, and Jim Rooney.
• We are a competitive team that intentionally keeps our roster small so every player receives training and development at their skill level.  We will coach each player where they are today and help them develop as athletes, young men, and warriors for their faith.

Who is eligible?  Home-schooled or Private- schooled young men in 7th - 11th grade. Players cannot be 18 or an academic senior on September 1st 2014. Players will be on either the Middle School or Junior Varsity roster for the 2014 season. In 2015 TACA will join Varsity play.

Practice and Location Times:  Our practice field is in Richardson. Location is:
Science, Technology and Engineering Magnet School Field 450 Abrams Road Richardson, TX 75081
between 6-8:00PM and focus on teamwork and conditioning.
Practice will begin with five days a week for three weeks of conditioning and fundamentals from 6:00PM to 8:00PM August 4th-22th Monday through Friday. After the initial three weeks, a typical week will be a film night in Carrollton on the Monday following the game, three days of practice in Richardson and a game on Fridays. Our first game will be the week ending August 29th or 30th. Our final game should end around Halloween. We have nine games currently scheduled.

Registration Fee: Our registration is sponsored, so the cost per player is only $100.00 for the season.  Athletes will be required to participate in a fund raiser.

Equipment:  All equipment (shoulder pads, uniforms, helmets) is top quality and owned by TACA.  We lease this gear at "Zero-Net-Cost" to each player.  A deposit check of $300 is required to secure the lease and will be returned when the equipment is checked in at the end of the season.  Parents must provide a cup, cleats and mouthpiece.  Additional safety gear (body armor, arm pads, horse collars, etc.) is not mandatory and would be purchased at the parent's discretion and cost.

Questions:  Turk Akturk (Director of Athletic Development) 214-675-8740 or James Rooney @ 972 900 0176. You can view and print player/parent forms by clicking the FOOTBALL menu item at the top of this page.

A deposit check of $300 is required to secure the equipment lease. TACA will not deposit or cash these checks unless the equipment is not returned at the end of the season. Our desire is lower or eliminate as many "Barriers of entry" as possible.