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Attention TACA Mom's and athlete's:
Winter Booster Club Salesman NEEDED!
Perfect part time job for an ambitious TACA athlete. Non-Taca athletes are also welcome. We will train you and help you reach yours and TACA's goals. Straight commision with excellent compensation! Please contact CJ Rooney at christianrooney98@gmail.com if interested!

The 2015 "Fuel the Storm Fundraiser" winners are as follows:

1st place winner of 2 roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines is Rebecca DeLoache of Dallas, TX.

2nd place winner of the $250 Visa gift card is Rusty Pointdexter of Roanoke, TX...he says, "Thank you as we are so excited, please come back every year and not just because we won the raffle!"

3rd place winner of dinner for 2 at Lefty's restaurant in Addison is Cynthia Nutt of Addison, TX...she says, "Cool, it was a cute little boy that sold me the winning ticket and I never turn down a child, I hope the raffle was a success!"

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2015 Football Schedule

Football Schedule 2015

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TACA is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our TAX-ID is 35-2471150. 
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Football CoachCoach's Corner

Five Great Reasons to Play Football @ TACA

1. Christ. We’re Christ- centered. However, just as Christ did, we would welcome anyone. Like Jesus with the Samaritan woman, we would seek to eliminate barriers and want everyone to know they’re special in the eyes of God. We ask for those not ready to join us in prayer, to be respectful at our times of worship.

2. Coaches. We are blessed with a deep crew of mature, teaching Coaches. These men are parents themselves, and draw on their own experiences to teach life lessons and the game of Football. Our Coaches have played at all levels. A couple of our Coaches have children currently in college athletics. Speak to other TACA parents about what impacts these men have had in their son’s lives. Our Coaches are recognized and connected in the collegiate Football community. If the blessing presents itself, they will do whatever is possible to help your son move to the next level.

3. Course. We believe what James Dobson said from “Focus on the Family”, our ONLY job as a parent is to work ourselves out of a job. We will treat your sons as young men, not boys. Our desire is to help you-help them with their focus on worship, their interactions with their family, and their studies. When conflicts arise your son will approach his teammate or Coach face to face and seek a faith driven resolution

4. Cost. Why would you want to buy a pile of equipment that won’t fit your son this time next year? Why spend $900-$1,000.00 in registration fees? Our approach is simple. Our equipment is leased out free of charge and our registration fee is only $100.00! Our young men participate in a raffle ticket sale or other fund-raisers to raise about $400.00 each, TACA will match their amount by raising the rest from the local business community. Part of our job as parents is to make certain our young men are financially independent and responsible. For these lessons to take root, they cannot begin when they have finished high school. Mom and Dad can’t always be the answer to their financial issues. It will usually take an athlete 12 hours to raise the $400.00 from raffle sales or alternative projects. Like many other challenges, we usually do this as a team.

5. Competition. We’re good at the game of Football! We won’t always come out on top, but we’ll win games by being better conditioned, better coached, and better at understanding the game from every position possible. Whether we win or lose a Football game, we'll try to do it with humility and sportsmanship.

"Faith Based Football in DFW"

 "A team where home-school, charter-school, and private-school young men can learn and play the game of football!"

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2015 Football Schedule

Football Schedule 2015

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